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If you are struggling with a family law matter that is impacting you and your loved ones, you deserve to work with an attorney who will fight for your best interests. A skilled family law attorney will not only make sure your voice is accurately represented in court, but they will also work hard to shield your loved ones from the emotional stress of the process.

For many divorcing couples, it can be difficult to imagine what your lives will look like after your marriage is over. The shock of admitting that this chapter of your life is ending can make it difficult for you to ensure you are fighting for an equitable outcome, so working with a trusted divorce attorney is essential. We will serve as your voice throughout the process, helping your children receive the support they need and establishing fair conditions that will allow you and your loved ones to thrive after the divorce.

The dedicated legal team at Watson & Neeley, LLC is committed to representing your interests in court, particularly when it comes to child custody and visitation matters. We will work tirelessly to ensure your former spouse honors their financial obligations so that you and your children can enjoy a brighter future. Whatever your unique needs are, we will take swift and aggressive legal action to protect your best interests. Call us today to get started.

Committed to Serving You

Divorce is usually a challenging and emotionally difficult process, but we will work hard to minimize the stress for you and your loved ones. Whether you and your spouse are seeking a contested or uncontested divorce, we are here to help you achieve a fair and equitable outcome. Of course, we are only able to represent one party in a divorce proceeding, so reach out today to learn more about your options.

Pursuing Mediation

In some instances, divorcing couples are still able to communicate respectfully, and they may share similar divorce goals. When this is the case, mediation is a viable avenue for your divorce. In mediation, the terms of the divorce are handled in a collaborative manner. Call us today to learn more about mediation and whether it could work for your situation.

Child Custody Arrangements

When it comes to the well-being of your children, we will work tirelessly to ensure their best interests are protected during each step of the divorce process. Custody disputes can quickly become emotional and even toxic, so allow us to negotiate a custody plan that best nurtures and supports your children. With over 60 years of experience handling divorce and child custody matters, the compassionate attorneys at Watson & Neeley, LLC are committed to helping you and your children achieve the best possible outcome.

Negotiating Fair Child Support Terms

Once your marriage ends, you are facing a new financial reality. Whether you need financial support from your former spouse to help cover the costs of supporting your children, or whether you have been ordered to pay an excessive amount of child support that you cannot afford, the seasoned team at Watson & Neeley, LLC will help you resolve your child support matter swiftly and effectively.

Providing a Brighter Future

For over half a century, the dedicated attorneys at Watson & Neeley, LLC have helped individuals and families throughout Alabama secure a brighter future. We operate according to a clear set of core beliefs. We believe that a person who neglects to fulfill their financial obligations should be held accountable. We believe that the well-being of children should always be a top priority. We also believe that an ex-spouse’s negligence should not threaten the financial or emotional health of your family. Please give us a call today to learn more about our services and how we can help you move forward and into a brighter tomorrow.

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