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Whether you are involved in a divorce, custody, criminal, or civil case, the final verdict rendered by the court may not be what you were hoping for. In certain situations, you have the option to take the case to a higher court by filing an appeal. The attorneys at Watson & Neeley, LLC offer extensive experience in filing appeals in the Alabama Court of Civil Appeals, the Alabama Court of Criminal Appeals, and the Alabama Supreme Court.

No Time to Waste.

Perhaps unsurprisingly, there are also instances in which you are satisfied with the verdict but the opposing party is not. Should the opposing party file an appeal, it’s imperative that you present your side of the story in front of an appellate judge so that she or he is fully informed before issuing a verdict.

There are strict deadlines in place for appeals, both for filing and responding, that begin to run as soon as the final decision is issued by the trial court. Do not miss your opportunity to get your case in front of a higher court — call Watson & Neeley, LLC today.

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