Drug Crimes

Knowledgeable Drug Crimes Attorney Counseling Rainsville

A drug conviction in Alabama is an extremely serious situation for those accused. If convicted, a defendant will likely serve a significant amount of time in prison and be required to pay expensive fines that may jeopardize their financial security for many years. If you are facing charges related to drug possession, manufacturing, distribution, or trafficking in the state of Alabama, you need to partner with an aggressive drug crimes attorney as soon as possible.

You’re Not Alone.

Establishing a robust criminal defense for drug crimes can be challenging, especially when law enforcement authorities have physical evidence such as contraband or drug paraphernalia in their possession. There are, however, important questions that can be raised by a criminal defense attorney that may undermine the prosecution’s case against you. A seasoned drug crimes lawyer can challenge the reliability of witnesses and question the manner in which the evidence being used to convict you was obtained.

Remember, the role of a prosecutor is to establish your guilt beyond a reasonable doubt. If the prosecution’s case is marred by testimony from unreliable witnesses or evidence that was gathered in a manner that may have violated your civil rights, we can help you bring this to light in court and prevent a jury from finding you guilty.

Safeguarding Your Rights.

It’s important that you don’t incriminate yourself unnecessarily. After all, this will only worsen your situation. The 5th Amendment acknowledges your right to remain silent if you believe that answering a law enforcement official’s questions may help convict you. In addition to the right to remain silent, you are also entitled to legal representation and a phone call following your arrest. We urge you to use that one phone call on us.

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