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It’s natural to want to preserve the fruits of a lifetime of hard work for your children and other family members following your passing. There is simply no reason an estate’s worth should be decimated due to superfluous taxation or fraudulent creditors, especially when legal tools for protecting your wealth are so affordable. If you’re considering what options you have for putting your assets securely in the hands of your beneficiaries, you may want to consider creating a comprehensive will with the aid of a dedicated Alabama estate lawyer.

Protect Those You Love Most.

A valid will can ensure that your property will be distributed among your loved ones according to your wishes, as well as protect your estate against fraudulent activity and/or unnecessary taxes. A will can even be used to appoint guardians for your minor children. If your financial circumstances are relatively simplistic, establishing a will may be your ideal estate planning strategy.

What to Expect.

It’s important to understand that, in order for your will to become legally valid after your death, it will need to be subjected to the process of probate court. Part of establishing a will in Alabama involves naming a personal representative to oversee this process. The executor is responsible for resolving outstanding debts to creditors and managing the distribution of your assets. It is essential that you appoint someone trustworthy to be the executor of your estate. By having a reliable personal representative overseeing the probate process, you can help minimize the time and expense involved.

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