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If you are pursuing a divorce or coping with another type of civil dispute, it’s important to recognize that there are options for resolving this matter other than litigation. Mediation encourages the disputing parties to negotiate and work toward a mutually-agreeable solution. Unlike a judge, the mediator serves as a neutral third party who facilitates productive communication between the parties and their attorneys and has no influence over the outcome. At Watson & Neeley, LLC, our experienced mediator is ready to help you navigate the mediation process to obtain a workable and favorable resolution.

Understanding the Mediator’s Role

The role of the mediator is to oversee the process and serve as a neutral third party who works with the divorcing couple and their respective attorneys to reach an acceptable settlement. For many divorcing couples, mediation takes considerably less time and is more cost effective than litigation. Additionally, mediation often minimizes the stress of the divorce process, as this dispute resolution method encourages collaboration and provides much-needed support during this challenging time. Couples who participate in mediation often report significantly higher rates of satisfaction with their settlements than those who do not, as the parties are in charge of negotiating and determining the outcome. In civil cases involving property damage, breach of contract, or business litigation, an experienced mediator can save the parties valuable time and money.

Helping You Obtain Your Desired Outcome

Whether you are exploring your divorce options in Alabama or you are facing a civil dispute, mediation may be the best way to help you achieve your desired outcome. In civil cases, our seasoned mediator, W. N. “Rocky” Watson, can help the parties and their attorneys reach a solution in matters involving business litigation, construction litigation, property damage, and more.

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