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The type of divorce a couple pursues is largely dependent on their level of communication and to what extent they are in agreement concerning the basic issues of the divorce. It makes sense for couples at odds to seek a traditional (also known as “contested”) divorce, in which each spouse is represented by their own Alabama divorce attorney. If, however, spouses share similar goals for the outcome of a divorce, it may be preferable for them to pursue an uncontested divorce. We encourage you to schedule a consultation with a seasoned Alabama divorce attorney as soon as possible.

Protecting Your Children.

The most important parties in any divorce are a couple’s children. When divorces are handled messily or acrimoniously, the resulting stress and instability can jeopardize the emotional well-being of those you love most. By acting swiftly and decisively during traditional divorce proceedings, we can help you establish viable custody and support orders that reflect what is truly in the best interests of your children. At Watson & Neeley, LLC, we’ll do everything in our power to help you transition smoothly into a brighter future.

Let Us Take Care of the Details.

There are numerous factors that determine the way a judge decides to divide a couple’s assets or establish maintenance orders, including the length of the marriage and how much each party has historically contributed to the household income. For the purposes of establishing alimony and ensuring fair and just property division, we’ll assist you in demonstrating that your financial situation is presented accurately before an Alabama state judge.

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