Estate Matters

Providing Customized Estate Planning Services to Keep Your Future Bright

The estate planning process allows you to put several documents in place to protect you, your family, and your legacy. At Watson & Neeley, we are committed to helping our clients understand their estate planning options. Together, we will help you establish an estate plan that honors your wishes and ensures that your property is distributed among your loved ones and that your legacy remains protected, even after you are gone. We also provide trusted legal guidance regarding probate matters throughout Alabama, helping you prepare for the process with greater clarity and confidence.

Creating a Will

It’s natural to want to ensure that the wealth you have accumulated throughout your life is passed down to your loved ones after you pass. Unfortunately, many people put off the estate planning process, assuming that they will get around to it later. Someone who passes away without a viable will in place jeopardizes their legacy, as the distribution of the estate is left up to the court. Our dedicated estate planning attorneys are here to help you identify your goals and put the necessary protections in place to keep the future bright for you and your loved ones.

Navigating Probate in Alabama

Alabama law requires that wills must move through the probate process to be rendered legally valid. It’s natural to have several questions about the probate process, so we encourage you to enlist our help to ensure that you can proceed with confidence. One aspect of creating a will involves naming an executor or personal representative who will take the lead in overseeing the probate process. Our dedicated team is here to help you select a suitable executor to serve this purpose and make sure you understand their responsibilities in probate court.

Keeping Your Future Bright

If you pass away “intestate,” meaning you have not established a valid will, the state of Alabama becomes responsible for overseeing the distribution of your property and estate. Unfortunately, this leaves your family members vulnerable to unpleasant disagreements over ownership of various assets. Please don’t take any chances with your financial legacy; instead, reach out to our office today to discuss your estate planning goals.

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