Child Support

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Good parents naturally want what’s best for their children. This means, among other things, that they want them to be financially and emotionally secure for the duration of their childhood. When divorce becomes final, however, this financial and emotional stability can be seriously threatened due to parental disputes. The best way to effectively resolve such disputes is by enlisting the aid of a dedicated child custody attorney as soon as possible.

Accountability Matters.

At Watson & Neeley, LLC, we can help ensure that your children’s well-being is not threatened by another parent’s unwillingness to honor their financial obligations. Schedule an appointment with us if you are interested in establishing a child support order in order to hold another parent accountable. We offer more than 60 years of family law experience in the state of Alabama, and we can help you resolve your child support dispute quickly and affordably.

Tireless Representation.

There are many factors that a court considers when establishing a child support order. These include not only how many children are in the family and the respective income of their parents but also the costs of health insurance for family members, daycare expenses, and the nature of any existing custody or visitation orders. As a parent seeking to establish a child support order, it is necessary that you account for these factors in full at any hearing related to your issue. An aggressive child support attorney can assist you in gathering the documentation necessary to ensure that a child support order meets the financial needs of you and your children.

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