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Bordered by Georgia to the east and Tennessee to the north, Scottsboro is the county seat of Jackson County, Alabama. When the U.S. government conducted its decennial census, it discovered that Scottsboro had a population just under 15,000. Scottsboro is the largest city in Jackson County, a distinction its held since 1930. The city received its name from Robert Scott.

In its early days, Scottsboro was bolstered by its close proximity to the Tennessee River, which settlers used as a source of water, food, and commerce. The state of Alabama was admitted to the Union on December 14th, 1819, one day after the establishment of Jackson County. Robert Thomas Scott, the man credited with founding Scottsboro, was a longtime legislator in the Alabama state government.

As of the 2010, Scottsboro’s demographics break down like this: 90% white, 5% African-American, and 3.5% Hispanic. The remaining 1.5 percent is split among Asians, Native Americans, and Pacific Islanders. The median family income is $48,803 — $35,909 for men and $25,403 for women.

Prominent attractions include the Unclaimed Baggage Center, the Memphis and Charleston Railroad, First Monday, Payne’s Soda Shop, King Caldwell Park, and Lake Guntersville. Notable residents include Lucille Benson, Debra Webb, Kenneth Carter, Thomas E. Weatherly, Jr., Bob Clemens, Pat Trammell, Robert K. Dawson, Nolan Strong, and Ken Kifer, Jr. The Scottsboro Boys case, which led to a landmark ruling by the U.S. Supreme Court, is remembered as establishing the principle of effective counsel and jury participation, irrespective of race.

The Scottsboro Municipal Courthouse is located at 916 South Broad Street in Scottsboro, Alabama, 35768.

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